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‘The Chain Gang’ Cyber Insights for 9th March from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Supply chain management within a business is a complex and highly skilled disciple. It’s a two-way street, companies provide products and services to their customers, but also provide information to third parties who are providing them with products and services. Should that supply chain break due to a cyber attack, breach, or criminal activity, then its much harder for a business to recover in comparison to me just switching coffee shops.

It doesn’t take long as a business starts its cyber journey to realise that having a cyber secure supply chain in as important as having strong cyber controls in place at ‘HQ’. Imagine the scenario, you decide to utilise the services of a third party marketing company, or a telesales company, to do a seasonal campaign to boost sales. This isn’t something you do very often, so there has not been a compelling business need to have this facility in house. You hand over your data to this third party and they lose, leak or misplace it, or worse still they get hacked. That’s a breach and you are liable for it...

All it takes is one weak link in your supply chain and you have a cyber breach on your hands.


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