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The cliffs edge: Skills shortage and the consequences for 2016

By . December 20, 2018
2014, the British economy witnessed a 2.8% expansion. However, even with this economic growth, Britain is in the midst of a persistent skills shortage.

According to REC/KPMG’s latest report, contractor availability is, declining at a rapid rate since October 2014 and nearly half of all SMEs across the UK are struggling to recruit the right IT staff. Even with a 0.3% growth in the beginning of 2015, the lack of skilled workers is affecting the speed of economic recovery.

Research published recently by CompTIA, an IT skills and training specialist shows that 45% of UK businesses have productivity issues due to an “extensive” shortage of IT talent. 27% of businesses believed that the IT skills gaps is slowing speed to market and 26% reported that it is impeding innovation and new ideas. The IT skills shortage shows no signs of abating as 28% of IT executives said that they plan to hire more IT staff this coming year, a figure that has doubled from 14% in 2014.

The skills shortage will be detrimental to the British economy unless action is taken. The five areas of recruitment that will suffer into 2016 will be:

  • Project and Business Delays and Failure
  • Wasted time RE: hiring, project completion
  • Unfilled jobs due to lower skilled and under qualified candidates
  • Re-training
  • Increased wage inflation


For more information on the consequences of the skills shortage, visit Recruitment Training Group

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