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‘The Core Issue’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Well done, you’ve done it. You have made security a priority in the product and services you provide. You have continuously reinforced to your customers that you will uphold and not compromise their privacy. They can trust you. Then the FBI knocks on your door and asks in the strongest possible terms if you would be willing to break your own security and let them in through the back door to see what one of your customers has been up to. What are you going to do? 

This is the dilemma facing Apple right now in a story that has been all over the press in the last few days. The overview is that the FBI recovered an iPhone from a terrorist who killed 14 people and injured 22 in San Bernardino in 2015. This iPhone was locked with the regular 4-digit passcode that the FBI didn’t know, as the terrorist was shot and killed. The FBI have tried and failed to get into the phone so are now attempting to force Apple to circumvent their own security in order to gain access to it’s contents. Should Apple comply with their request? There are questions over the legality of this request. There are questions over if the request is technically possible: and there is a seemingly never ending stream of questions and opinions on the moral issues of this story.

What would you do if the FBI came knocking at your door asking for data? Are you prepared?

Read more over at Cyber Insights, brought to you by the National Cyber Skills Centre.

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