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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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The First 90 Days – Why Onboarding Matters

By . December 20, 2018
90 days is generally considered the timeframe within which a new employee needs to prove themselves, but this is also a crucial period for employers.
It can be easy to move on to other tasks once new members of staff have been recruited, but a successful onboarding strategy is key for ensuring new recruits adjust to their new role and the culture of the organisation, developing the skills, knowledge and behaviour to perform effectively.
The benefits of onboarding are varied.
A successful programme helps new employees to develop good relationships with other team members right from the outset, which increases their job satisfaction.
By establishing and clarifying objectives and expectations, new recruits will perform better and contribute to the organisation more speedily.
Finally, don’t overlook the longer-term benefits of intensive upfront investment in new staff. By providing support to new employees through regular feedback, coaching and follow-up, the risk of new recruits leaving is reduced and staff turnover can be prevented.  
In essence, the faster a new recruit settles into their role and their team, the faster they will contribute to an organisation.



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