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‘This Time…It’s Personal’ Cyber Insights for 22nd June from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
After another challenging day at the office, you come home to find a letter from the school that your child attends. Concerned, as they normally email, you open it and are shocked at what you read. The school has suffered a cyber breach the consequences of which are that data about your child has now found itself onto the dark web and is being traded by criminal gangs. The source of this breach has been traced to a member of staff who had their password compromised.

Shocked by this news you contact the school for further details and explanation. You attend a meeting with member of the school leadership team and a professional digital investigator who is assisting the school with mitigating any further risk. This investigator is part of the team that is provided by the cyber insurance cover that the school (thankfully) had in place.

During this meeting you learn that the password policy at the school was the identified weak link, as in the past staff had routinely complained that remembering complex passwords was ‘a pain’ so they were only changed once a year, at the start of term, and most staff wrote them down on Post-It notes for all to see. This one teacher had provided their password to a pupil as that pupil ‘couldn’t log on’ one day and rather than go through the process of getting IT involved ‘just this once’ it seemed ok....

Cyber security only ever 'hits home' when it becomes personal.


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