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’Tools Of The Trade’ Cyber Insights for 29th June from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
With summer in full swing, the garden centres of our little island nation are doing a brisk trade. The dizzying array of items available to assist in the creation of the perfect garden appears to be endless. On my infrequent trips to such establishments, I’m often taken aback by the increasingly aggressive range of tools available. You can cut, lop, trim, remove any form of shrubbery that may lurk at the end of your garden, thanks to a range of tools that would not look out of place in the armoury of a roman gladiator.

Of course, these tools are sold purely for domestic use, despite their aggressive appearance, but could they be used in anger? Maybe, and I’m in no way advocating their use for anything other than their designed intention, but it does make you wonder!

The very same can be said for software tools. As Apple famously stated during one of their advertising campaigns that there is ‘an app for everything’ and a few simple Google searches and you can find all the perfectly legitimate tools needed to monitor track and spy on your own digital devices. Could these tools be used for more sinister ends, perhaps, but then so could a small hand axe from B&Q, but that doesn’t stop them being sold.

All the tools needed to become a professional cyber investigator are available on the open market; just use them wisely.


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