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Top tips for understanding the business problem

By . December 20, 2018
A BA’s role will vary depending on each organisation or project, but understanding the nature of the business problem is an essential skill.

According to the latest issue of Analysts Anonymous a good BA will ask a lot of questions, work well as an individual and as part of the team, and really understand what a business’ requirements are through careful planning and evaluation. Failure to assess the business problem can mean BAs don’t deliver the required solutions on time and to a high standard.

Questioning and listening are fundamental to gaining this understanding and the BA must demonstrate the following qualities to succeed:

  • Genuineness – be interested in what is being said to establish a good relationship from the offset.
  • Respect – showing respect to the individual and their personal views is key to gaining their trust.
  • Understanding – a clear understanding of the subject matters being disclosed will assist in identifying the problems that are hindering the growth of a company.
  • Questions – using open questions will allow for more detail to be gained whilst closed questions will round off the debate. Putting the negative emphasis on yourself when you have not fully understood will provide an opportunity to ask more detailed questions.

More guides, tips and opinions about the BA function can be found in our regular publication Analysts Anonymous.



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