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UK businesses supported with new cyber security developments

By . December 20, 2018
David Cameron’s recent visit to the US with cyber security firms has enabled new protection measures to be put in place to support UK businesses in the sector.

The Prime Minister met with President Obama to discuss how British companies can combat cyber threats and remain as one of the most secure places to do business.

Mr Cameron has also pledged to “step up the practical support offered to UK cyber security companies to make sure they have the best opportunity to win even more business in the US,” a move that will be welcomed by many IT professionals as cyber security becomes ever more paramount.

The new government measures include:

  • A new cyber security envoy, Andy Williams, appointed to the British Embassy in Washington to assist small businesses and first time exporters wanting to set up in the US and enhance security deals.
  • A new and improved guide entitled ‘Ten Steps to Cyber Security’ to assist companies on cyber attacks and how to stay safe online.
  • A Department for Business, Innovation and Skills report on how awareness and response to cyber threats is improving and highlights where improvements need to be made.
  • A new report from GCHQ on the most common cyber attacks that have taken place across the industry whilst providing solutions on how to prevent them.

The initiative will strengthen the existing National Cyber Programme, which was launched in 2011 with £860 million of investment and provide extra support for companies and IT professionals.

Cyber security resourcing at Certes

At Certes we’re seeing a steady increase in demand for cyber security skills and this sector looks set to become a challenging one for skills – with shortages already appearing, and rates consequently soaring.  It’s a good time to plan your cyber security resourcing for the coming quarter to be ahead of the war for talent.

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