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Video, The new player in IT recruitment

By . December 20, 2018
We have rattled on about how social media can help in recruitment and in every business to communicate quickly with their customers, but the one that we seem to forget about is video. Video, as it seems has adapted with the times, with being an integral part in social content sharing and is a key asset in delivering quick detailed information. How can video help in recruitment?

In short videos can be use as job advertising and in the interview process.

Studio in your hands

As video technology develops, it’s becoming extremely easy to communicate with. The time for cumbersome and expensive video equipment and complicated editing software are behind us. Anyone with a decent phone can record and upload the content to video sharing websites in a matter of minutes. Youtube can be used to give applicants all the information required in just a few minutes and that message can be sent to thousands upon thousands of possible candidates in seconds. Applications like FaceTime and Skype make it remarkably easy for candidates and employers to meet “face-to-face” without geographical locations being a factor. Scheduling a time for an interview is severely cut as a time can be worked around pre-existing arrangements. Video interviewing allows for a better sense of who the candidate is instead of making judgement on their CV, the applicant can give you all the information directly to you that they could not fit on paper.

With today’s technological advancements, all this can be done from your phone.

Showcase your good side

For candidates, video gives the capability of candidates recording an introductory video, eliminating the need for a live video interview and even the traditional first stages of an interview. Attaching the recorded video to the rest of their digital application would be then sent to hiring managers and decision makers simultaneously.

For clients, having the ability to showcase the company, the culture and organisational structure can make applying to the company more appealing and engaging for the candidate. Besides providing a “fly on the wall” view of the company you are also giving the impression that your company is at the forefront of utilising technology. Video’s can also be used to attract talented millennials.

Benefits are limitless

Interview may be conducted using a representative of who the candidate would be working for due to busy schedules. With video the person who the candidate would work directly under could take part in the interview process. Additional benefits are a group of hiring managers can easily collaborate to make hiring decisions much quicker than traditional means.

Employers can also quickly and easily extract candidates who skills do not match up to their requirements.

Screening candidates for any role becomes less time intensive and considerably reduces cost with utilising video, whether is a vacancy for an entry level position or senior executive level candidates. They are extremely busy and travel time and costs are immediately eliminated. If employers are hiring internationally the cost and travel time is cut exponentially.

Other skills can be assessed with video; some role may consist of public speaking or presentation skills. These skills are showcased from the outset of a video interview and the interview can see how well a candidate reactive being in front of a camera.

Although video should be implemented. There is still a need for face to face meetings. The traditional method shows how well a candidate can interact with staff that they will be working with. However, a guaranteed face to face interview can be scheduled further down the recruitment line when the candidates have been shortlisted.



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