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‘Weapon Of Choice’ Cyber Insights for 15th March from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018

Has the recent Wikileaks revelations started the process of digitally disrupting the defence industry?

I can’t even count the number of movies I’ve watched where there is a ‘secret’ item that the heroes are trying to ether prevent from falling into the wrong hands or obtain from their nemesis in order to prevent some global catastrophe.

These items can be a mutated virus developed in a highly secret lab, maybe the codes to some new technology. In the latest Star Wars film, Rogue One, it was about obtaining the plans to the Death Star, so it could be disabled and if I’m not mistaken in the Jungle Book King Louie was keen to get his furry hands on ‘mans read fire’ and wield its considerable power.

Never once in all of these films could a weapon be simply obtained by doing a quick copy and paste in a text editor, but after the revelations from Wikileaks last week it can now.

As todays agenda seems to move at a breakneck speed, let me just remind you of what Wikileaks released into the public consciousness on Tuesday March 7th 2017, a day that may just be noted as hugely significant when the history books on early 21st century cyber warfare are written a generation from now.


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