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What Gen Y Really Wants

By . December 20, 2018
In a recent blog from Certes, we talked about Generation Y also known as Millennials and how employers can recruit and retain them.

A report from Software Advice, a company that offers listings and reviews of the top recruiting software systems, continues this discussion with what Millennials really want. As software Advice explains “The “Greatest Generation” primarily sought stability, only changing jobs a few times in their lives. The “baby boomers” and “Generation X” became more restless, holding an average of about 11 jobs in a lifetime”. Millenials employment patterns however are different than that of the previous generations and can hold up to 20 different jobs. This goes with what we mentioned and that “Millenials will often move on if they don’t feel like they are being listened to, challenged or given enough responsibility”.

From a sample of 1355 Millennias, Software Advice came back with some interesting finds.


What Gen Y Really Wants in a Job

Salary and Benefits – Money is still an incentive but 34% Millennials are moving more towards ‘Salary and benefits’

Culture and Atmosphere – 31% of Millennials say they need to like where they work

Fulfillment and Satisfaction – 30% of Millennials say they need to enjoy what they do

Growth and Development – 25% of “Millennials say growth and development is important. Software Advice accredits this to Millenials …“are, by definition, on the younger side of the age spectrum: many cited a desire for “learning” or to gain more on-the-job “experience,” and noted they wanted to “advance [their] career.”

Software Advice concludes their findings with “What Gen Y really wants is to make a good living—but these young professionals also want to find happiness, fulfillment and opportunity in their work, and to build the foundation for a career that rewards in ways beyond the mere financial.”



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