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What the Certes consultants look for in a Candidate

By . December 20, 2018
Just like employers, Consultants want to ensure that the right person is selected for the job. To help you get closer to the interview stage here is what the some of Certes consultants look for in a candidate.


“Candidates need to show that they have right skills for a role. It’s no use applying to a role without the necessary requirements as your journey will come to a screeching halt before it even begins. Read the job description and you can provide evidence of skills matching the job description then you will increase your chances of being called for an interview.”

Phil Lillicrapp, Recruitment Consultant – Permanent Division



“A consistent work history with little gaps in employment is ideal. We are aware that life can be a fickle thing and personal issues may crop up that may stop you from working. Be honest about your times out of employment.”

Gemma Bowron, Recruitment Consultant – Permanent Division



“For both BRM’s and Heads of Departments I look for people with gravitas, the ability to communicate and influence at a CxO level and above and have the ability to look at the bigger picture from a strategic (both IT and business), service and portfolio perspective”. 

James O’Driscoll, Principal Consultant, IT BRM/ Business Partner – Permanent Division


“Consultants look through a huge stack of CV’s everyday and just like employers; do not have the time to read through novels. Try and keep the information in your CV to about 3 to 5 pages providing details to a few of your most recent jobs and condensing your other jobs to where you worked, duration of employment and job title”.

Tristan Thompson, Principal Consultant, IT Project Delivery & Transformation – Permanent Division


“A well presented CV is the tool that will get your foot in the door for any interview. To ensure that your CV is glowing check your font, spelling and grammar. Certain fonts are hard to read and should be avoided at all costs. If a CV can’t be read then you CV won’t go past the screening process. Poor spelling and grammar is a turn off for many recruiters and employers and the more mistakes made can drastically reduce your chances of getting shortlisted”.

Thomas MacKenzie, Resource Consultant – Contract Division


“The ability to articulate your experiences clearly and concisely is a must for all candidates. If a candidate finds it difficult to communicate verbally, it can sadly knock points off for the candidate during the interview process. I would urge candidates to practice talking about what they have done in their past roles so that they come across confident and all details of past roles are explained.”

Jo Stanley, Senior Account Support – Contract Division


If you have any certifications, do not forget to mention them. Employers will general ask for candidates to be educated or have specific background. If you can show them that you have what they are asking for and more you moving in the right direction.”

Kate Ormsby, Account Support - Contract Division



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