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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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What you need to get your foot in the door in Cyber Security?

By . December 20, 2018
We are becoming more and more connected. Being able to control home equipment away from the home and working away from the office. All of this makes our lives easier and encourages us to be more efficient.

We are all aware that an always connected society has its negative points to coincide with the smorgasbord of pros. With personal details and company data being accessed through cyber attacks hitting the headlines over the years, there are growing concerns and a need for cyber security professionals to help protect companies and their customers from cyber threats.

Knowing that there is a need for cyber security professionals, how can you improve your chances of being hired for a cyber security professional role?


Analytical skills

Strong analytical and diagnostic skills are sought after in a cyber security professional. The ability to dig into technical questions and scrutinise them from all sides



The nature of cyber security environment is constantly changing; the professional will need to possess the ability to keep current knowledge of existing and new Internet vulnerabilities.

You will also need to have knowledge of a number of the following:

  • Open Source Applications
  • Linux Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Database Modelling
  • Web Application Technologies
  • Compiled and Interpreted Development Languages
  • Network Implementation (Operational and Security)
  • Telephony Technologies (Analogue and IP)
  • Social Engineering
  • Physical Security

Ideally, you would need to have knowledge of at least three or more of these areas.


Communication skills

Every role requires excellent communication skills and this is also desired from cyber security professionals. Cyber security professional need to effectively communicate with either the management team or customers in order to explain any issues that have appeared and what steps can be made as well as what actions are going to take place. Be clear and concise.

These skills can apply to any jobs but for a career cyber security, you should consider these skills as a must have.



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