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Why IT contractor demand is set for continued growth

By . December 20, 2018
There has been an increasing demand for contractors in the IT sector over the years and the demand is set to continue. Although this is a good thing for contractors, work is available when needed and rising; it is all due to businesses having shortages in specific skills.

Results from REC’s JobsOutlook January 2015 survey shows 35 per cent, 10 per cent increase of employers need increase their workforce but do not have the room to take on extra workforce. Compared with January 2014, where 25 per cent of respondents reported having no spare capacity.

According to the same survey, more than 50 per cent of businesses will be seeking assistance from recruitment agencies (between April and December 2015) in order to recruit staff with the skills that they demand.

The skills and demand for the IT sector are constantly changing and therefore skills that are required and highly sort after in previous years may not be the same in the years to follow. You can see this in Certes 4sight IT staffing review. IT contractors who possess one or more of these high demand skills are in an advantageous position, according to

The skills shortage yields bigger negatives for businesses and the IT sector in the UK. The demand for skills is rising and changing. With limited capacity to cater for these demands, the UK’s global competitiveness could see a downturn.

For IT contractors, the growing need for skills for temporary projects can provide opportunities to acquire new skills which will allow them to take on high level roles. For employers, using contractors allows them to access the skills that are in demand.

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