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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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Are You Prepared for an increase in staff turnover?

By . July 10, 2024
In the dynamic landscape of the job market, staying prepared for potential staff shifts is more crucial than ever. According to a recent survey by Randstad UK, a significant 27% ... Read More

HR Changes: What are Labour Promising under the new leadership?

By . July 5, 2024
Following their victory in the general election on July 4th, what does Labour plan to change for employment laws and changes to how we work? On May 24th, the Labour ... Read More

UK Long-term Sickness Rates: Employers suggestions for the next government

By . June 24, 2024
As the UK grapples with high economic inactivity rates, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has brought to light a crucial issue: the necessity for greater childcare provision to boost ... Read More

74% of Companies are Not Testing for Digital Skills

By . June 3, 2024
Most UK businesses are struggling to fill crucial digital roles due to a scarcity of qualified candidates. Surprisingly, a recent study reveals that only a quarter of these employers are ... Read More

Government Skills Bootcamps: A Solution to Staffing Shortages?

By . May 23, 2024
The UK government has recently unveiled plans for skills bootcamps aimed at addressing the recruitment shortages plaguing several key industries. Sectors such as construction, logistics, hospitality, care, and manufacturing are ... Read More

The Balancing Act of Integrating AI in HR

By . May 16, 2024
In the ever-evolving landscape of business, one of the most hotly debated topics is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into various departments, particularly within Human Resources (HR). With headlines ... Read More

Certes IT Service Solutions proudly selects SSAFA as their charity of the year!

By . May 15, 2024
With great enthusiasm, Certes announces their decision to support and raise funds for SSAFA, the armed forces charity. This choice stems from Certes' involvement in the defence sector, employing ex-military ... Read More

Shifting Perspectives: Embracing Cyber Security Culture in the Digital Era

By . May 9, 2024
In the ever-evolving landscape of IT, perspectives on cyber security vary greatly depending on where you stand within the IT realm. For some, it is perceived as red tape, while ... Read More

The Great Workforce Dilemma of 2024: Tackling Short Staffing

By . May 8, 2024
In recent times, the business landscape has been facing an unprecedented challenge - the persistent issue of short-staffing. In a recent survey commissioned by Indeed Flex, a third of UK ... Read More

UK Excels in OECD Digital Government Index

By . May 8, 2024
The United Kingdom has secured an impressive third place in the OECD Digital Government Index, marking a significant milestone in its digital governance journey. This achievement underscores the UK's commitment ... Read More

Secure by Design: Implementing the 10 Principles

By . May 3, 2024
In the digital landscape, security isn't an afterthought—it's a fundamental component woven into every stage of development. Secure by Design is a framework that ensures security is integrated into the ... Read More

UK Government Takes Action to Tackle Non-Compliance in the ‘Umbrella’ Companies Market

By . April 22, 2024
To address long-standing issues of non-compliance within the 'umbrella' companies market, the UK government has recently made a significant announcement outlining measures to tackle this pressing concern. The move comes ... Read More

Four Considerations When Working with an IT Recruitment Agency

By . April 5, 2024
In today's competitive job market, finding the right talent can be a daunting task for businesses of all sizes. That's where an IT recruitment agency can come into play, offering ... Read More

Navigating the Latest Flexible Working Legislation

By . March 20, 2024
As of April 2024, the UK has ushered in a new era of flexible working with the introduction of new legislation. This shift marks a significant departure from traditional work ... Read More

The Five Blockers Stopping Women Joining the Tech Industry

By . March 8, 2024
In 2023, there was an increase of women leaving the tech industry (TechTalent Charter), but also not enough women coming in to replace them. But what are those blockers stopping ... Read More

The Top IT Roles In Demand Right Now!

By . February 22, 2024
In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the need for proficient IT professionals is surging to unprecedented levels. From cybersecurity to cloud computing, businesses across industries are seeking experts to spearhead ... Read More

Tips and tricks for attracting and retaining top IT talent

By . February 16, 2024
Attracting and retaining top IT talent in today's competitive job market is not easy. Once you've managed to assemble a team of highly skilled individuals who also fit well with ... Read More

The Role of IT Contracting in Digital Transformation Projects

By . January 23, 2024
In order to enhance efficiency, responsiveness, and citizen services, public sector organisations are increasingly turning to digital transformation projects. Many organisations are opting to turn to contractors for specific skillsets and ... Read More

The launch of Former Forces

By . January 19, 2024
Introducing Former Forces: Empowering Military Leavers For over a decade, Certes has been deeply committed to supporting Service Leavers and Veterans. Throughout our years of engagement, a recurring statement echoed ... Read More

What is Infrastructure Discovery?   

By . December 22, 2023
Infrastructure discovery is the process of identifying and cataloguing all the components and resources in your IT environment. As organisations leverage advanced digital systems and networks to streamline their operations, ... Read More

What does 2024 have in store for the IT job Market?

By . December 6, 2023
As 2024 quickly approaches, the IT job market is undergoing a shift fueled by advancements in data analytics, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI). Of course, changes in the market will ... Read More

Certes IT Salary Survey 2023

By . November 30, 2023
Certes IT Salary Survey 2023 This report highlights the changes in the IT job market, as well as contractor rates and salaries. The data presented is derived from thorough market research ... Read More

The Impact of Soft Skills in IT: Why Communication Matters

By . November 29, 2023
In the current IT job market, technical expertise alone is no longer sufficient for success. As the industry becomes increasingly interconnected and reliant on teamwork, the demand for soft skills ... Read More

The Pros and Cons of IT Contracting – Is it the right path for you?

By . November 17, 2023
IT professionals often find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to choosing between traditional employment and IT contracting. Ultimately, this decision always comes down to personal choice and the ... Read More

What is Customer-Centric Agile?

By . November 16, 2023
Agile is a well-known concept within the world of technology. However, being customer-centric throughout the process is sometimes overlooked. This article explores what customer-centric means and how it can benefit ... Read More

Unlock an Exciting Career in IT: Skills in Demand

By . October 27, 2023
In today's digital age, the IT industry is constantly evolving and expanding. With technology playing a pivotal role in nearly every aspect of our lives, the demand for skilled IT ... Read More

Security Discovery: What You Need To Know

By . October 5, 2023
Security Discovery is a process used to identify and address potential security risks within a business's IT environment. This is the first phase within any digital transformation project, to help ... Read More

Bridging the Digital Skills Gap: Addressing the Shortage in the UK

By . September 21, 2023
The need to address digital skills shortages has reached a critical level. The UK's low standing in the global skills ranking highlights the need for the UK to rebuild its ... Read More

Certes partner with Eco-Enabler Alliance to promote sustainable IT solutions and services

By . September 8, 2023
Certes IT Service Solutions and the Eco-Enabler Alliance CIC are excited to announce their partnership. They aim to promote sustainable IT solutions and services that support eco-friendly practices in businesses. ... Read More

Embracing Agile within the Public Sector

By . September 6, 2023
In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, evolving citizen expectations, and complex socio-economic challenges, the public sector is under increasing pressure to deliver efficient, responsive, and citizen-centric services. In ... Read More

Unlocking Digital Transformation with Application Discovery

By . August 14, 2023
In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to propel their digital transformation initiatives. Enter Application Discovery – a powerful tool that holds the key to ... Read More

IT Managed Services for Seamless Digital Transformation

By . August 10, 2023
Introduction In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, businesses need to stay relevant and competitive. Therefore they are increasingly embracing IT Managed Services for seamless digital transformation. The main reason ... Read More

Key benefits of being an IT contractor within higher education

By . July 18, 2023
There are several reasons why an IT contractor would benefit from working in higher education within the UK. Here are three key advantages: Stable and Long-term contracts: Higher education institutions often offer ... Read More

Benefits of Data Discovery

By . July 2, 2023
Benefits of Data Discovery What is Data Discovery? Data Discovery as a Service is a powerful tool that can help businesses gain valuable insights into their data. With Data Discovery, you can ... Read More

How do I create an effective IT job description?

By . June 21, 2023
Writing an effective IT job description is key to attracting and selecting the best candidates. When it comes to IT positions, the description is critical because the technology industry is ... Read More

World Environment Day!

By . June 21, 2023
As tech enthusiasts, let's unite today to celebrate and contribute to the well-being of our planet. The intersection of technology and environmental consciousness opens up endless possibilities for creating a ... Read More

What does a software engineer do?

By . May 11, 2023
Looking for a new software engineer job? Or perhaps you’re considering starting a career in software? Software engineering is an essential aspect of modern technology and is a profession that's ... Read More

How to attract and retain top IT talent

By . May 4, 2023
With IT talent so coveted in the current job market, building a team of highly skilled employees that are the perfect culture fit can be hard work.   And, once you have ... Read More

Which are the Top 5 IT jobs that are in demand in the UK?

By . April 28, 2023
As the digitisation of services continues to intensify around the world, so does the demand for high-quality IT talent across the UK. Here at Certes, our team of tech, digital ... Read More

UK Government shares its new UK Digital Strategy

By . July 27, 2022
UK Government shares its new UK Digital Strategy With digital transformation and technology being key areas for the overall economic growth for the UK, the new UK Digital Strategy policy document ... Read More

Certes partners with YoungMinds as their Charity of the year

By . April 21, 2022
Certes is excited to announce that their charity of the year is YoungMinds. With a wide range of charities to choose from, Certes has chosen YoungMinds due to the increase ... Read More

Building a Project Team in a Climate of Efficiencies

By . September 24, 2021
As businesses continue their economic recovery, the reality of the financial impact on many is now surfacing. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are counting the cost of the global ... Read More

What NOT To Do in the First Five Minutes of an Interview

By . June 30, 2021
Managers who hire and fire staff have seen it all when it comes to job interviews.  They learn to size up candidates early, with some claiming to know within the ... Read More

How Social Media Boosts the Job Market

By . June 30, 2021
More people than ever before are securing work via social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, research has found. According to StandOut CV and Job Description Library, social media ... Read More

What do Millennials, or Generation Y, Really Want from the Workplace?

By . June 30, 2021
A Millennial is someone born between 1980 and 1996 – in other words anyone currently 40 or under, and whose generation, increasingly, will make up the majority of the working ... Read More

What Employers See

By . June 30, 2021
Employers have to wade through a sea of candidates before they find the right person for their position.  Many have decades of experience interviewing staff and know instinctively when a ... Read More

Preparing for an IT Job Interview

By . June 30, 2021
Many people live by the maxim that if you fail to prepare, then you are preparing to fail.  This is especially important during an IT job interview.  As well as ... Read More

Work-life Balance in the Post-Pandemic World

By . June 23, 2021
Making sure employees have a good work-life balance can be a difficult task for employers.  This is especially true following the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen more staff working from ... Read More

Preparing for an IT Job Interview

By . October 28, 2019
Many people live by the maxim that if you fail to prepare, then you are preparing to fail. This is especially important during an IT job interview. As well as ... Read More

Security Clearance for IT Jobs in the Public Sector

By . September 12, 2019
Have you thought about working in the public Sector and what is involved? We hear people talking about Security Clearance; Most Public Sector organisations will require some sort of clearance, ... Read More

IT Careers in Focus: Analysts

By . September 2, 2019
An IT Analyst is responsible for the design, analysis and implementation of efficient IT systems. They have a clear understanding of business and technological needs and collect user feedback to ... Read More

I’ve Got 99 Problems but IR35 Ain’t 1!

By . August 23, 2019
Overview IR35 changes already implemented in the Public Sector back in April 2017 are due to be implemented in the private sector from April 2020 – this will be the most ... Read More

Top Tips for Starting an IT Career

By . July 8, 2019
If you’re looking for a fresh start in an IT career, there are lots of possible paths to choose from. As an industry, there are endless opportunities if you’re looking ... Read More

IT Careers in Focus: Developers

By . June 3, 2019
If you are an efficient problem solver and a technological enthusiast, developer work could be the career for you. Analysing and manipulating software for a desired result requires an advanced ... Read More

Why Choose IT Recruitment Specialists for Your Next Hire?

By . May 15, 2019
The recruitment process can be particularly time-consuming when performed in-house and especially challenging for SMEs who don’t have the resources to effectively search for suitable candidates. Hiring through an IT recruitment ... Read More

Common IT Job Titles and What They Mean

By . May 2, 2019
There are a wide selection of exciting roles within the Information Technology sector, offering candidates opportunities in interesting and rewarding career paths. Here we look at some of the most common ... Read More

The key skills that top IT recruiters look for

By . February 27, 2019
If you are looking to make a positive career move in the IT sector there are a wealth of opportunities available in the short and long term. But as in any ... Read More

Five reasons to start an IT career in 2019

By . January 22, 2019
As 2019 begins many people will be considering a career change in the year ahead, with those seeking a new and exciting professional direction finding Information Technology to be a ... Read More

Work-life balance in the digital era

By . December 20, 2018
Balancing work and life are important for all employees but it is a difficult task for many. If not balanced correctly it could lead to employees becoming dissatisfied, unmotivated in ... Read More

What Candidates looks for in an Agency

By . December 20, 2018
We have seen what consultants look for in candidates, but this is a two way street. Candidates expect many things from the agencies that they interact with. Here, candidates who ... Read More

What Does It Mean to Be a Recruiter in 2016? (Infographic)

By . December 20, 2018
In 2016, what does it take to be a successful recruitment professional able to thrive as well as survive in this dog-eat-dog industry? Well, the folks at GetHRS have created an infographic ... Read More

What is the coalition between the improved job market and job seekers using social media?

By . December 20, 2018
It’s good news for job seekers. The job market is improving and with that people who are looking for vacancies now have more options. The improved job market seems to be ... Read More

What you need to get your foot in the door in Cyber Security?

By . December 20, 2018
We are becoming more and more connected. Being able to control home equipment away from the home and working away from the office. All of this makes our lives easier ... Read More

What’s needed for the UK government’s 2016-2020 digital strategy?

By . December 20, 2018
An effective digital strategy by British government will benefit the UK and its citizens for decades to come. Richard Lee writes. Just prior to the New Year, the UK government quietly ... Read More

What’s the difference? Permanent vs. Contract CVs

By . December 20, 2018
The ‘curriculum vitae’: the most important tool for anyone looking for their next career move. It chronicles all the previous roles that you have worked and details the skills and ... Read More

Which IT job is the best?

By . December 20, 2018
All computer science jobs are not created equal. That degree might qualify you for a number of different jobs in technology. But how do you know which one is the ... Read More

Why cloud, mobile and the education sector make a perfect match

By . December 20, 2018
Technology is equipping learners with the ability to work effectively and access resources on the move, but it's not just students that can benefit Technology is changing every industry and vocation, ... Read More

Why IT contractor demand is set for continued growth

By . December 20, 2018
There has been an increasing demand for contractors in the IT sector over the years and the demand is set to continue. Although this is a good thing for contractors, ... Read More

Why reinvent the wheel?

By . December 20, 2018
I caught up with an old contact recently and we were discussing how the IT landscape has changed over the last few years as more functions are becoming engaged at ... Read More

Will UK data protection be affected by Brexit

By . December 20, 2018
Companies believing they can avoid the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation if the UK votes to leave the EU should think again   If Britain chooses to leave the EU in ... Read More

With great power comes great responsibility: children taking interest in IT but…

By . December 20, 2018
We mentioned that the last few years have experienced many global companies being targeted and attacked, compromising thousands upon thousands of sensitive customer details. The latest casualty to undergo a ... Read More

Women in tech have risen to new heights.

By . December 20, 2018
Technology has predominantly been a male dominated area with women being the minority, only accounting for 17% of all tech jobs in the UK. This decreases further when looking at ... Read More

Women under-represented in male dominated IT industry

By . December 20, 2018
It’s no surprise that the IT industry is lacking the female presence. The industry is predominantly a male oriented one with women accounting for a mere 17% of IT professional ... Read More

What are ‘Managed Services’ and their pros and cons

By . December 20, 2018
'Managed Services' has become somewhat of a buzzword, with article headlines urging companies to move towards what they call the ‘modern model’. But underneath the entire buzz, for many of ... Read More

What employers see

By . December 20, 2018
Employers have to go through a sea of candidates before they find the right person for their position. With all their experience they have developed a keen sixth sense to see ... Read More

What Gen Y Really Wants

By . December 20, 2018
In a recent blog from Certes, we talked about Generation Y also known as Millennials and how employers can recruit and retain them. A report from Software Advice, a company that ... Read More

What skills are in demand in Q2?

By . December 20, 2018
According to Certes 4Sight review, the demands for skills have changed slightly for both contract and permanent IT employment. In Q1 contract and permanent employers were seeking Microsoft skills as their ... Read More

What the Certes consultants look for in a Candidate

By . December 20, 2018
Just like employers, Consultants want to ensure that the right person is selected for the job. To help you get closer to the interview stage here is what the some ... Read More

Tips for Millennial Management

By . December 20, 2018
The enigma of Millennials is one that is in the forefront of every employers mind. Times are changing and companies will largely consist of this new generation in the years ... Read More

US vs UK

By . December 20, 2018
The US and UK have many similarities and differences on how they conduct business. one such difference is in recruitment. The US and UK value and prioritise different aspects of ... Read More

Video, The new player in IT recruitment

By . December 20, 2018
We have rattled on about how social media can help in recruitment and in every business to communicate quickly with their customers, but the one that we seem to forget ... Read More

The state of IT security in UK businesses

By . December 20, 2018
Businesses across the world are under a continuous stream of cyber attacks - how are UK businesses faring in this environment?  Hundreds of millions of cyber threats travel the internet every ... Read More

The state of recruiting in 2015

By . December 20, 2018
Social media has mad a giant impact on recruiting and recruiters are using social media to gain insights into potential candidates.   Source: Undercover Recruiter   Read More

The technologies driving the move to predictive business

By . December 20, 2018
The IT function has been marked by a change of approach over the last decade - from responsive to adaptive - as a more predictive business world has emerged   CIOs have ... Read More

The trends of the recruitment industry

By . December 20, 2018
The recruitment industry is seeing some significant growth in both people working within recruitment to permanent and temporary staff working with recruitment agencies. With Turnovers of £3 Billion and £28.5 ... Read More

The UK’s most exciting tech hotspots

By . December 20, 2018
The UK has some hidden gems, and some not-so-hidden gems, in terms of its technological hubs. From Manchester to Bath, Lilli Hender of explores the country’s finest offerings in ... Read More

The value of face to face contact

By . December 20, 2018
Having recruited IT & Business Project Managers for the last 12 years I am constantly reminded of the benefits of talking face to face instead of over the phone, email ... Read More

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Next IT Employer

By . December 20, 2018
Most people spend a lot of time preparing all the right answers before an interview, but it is just as important to make sure that you are asking all the ... Read More

Top tips for understanding the business problem

By . December 20, 2018
A BA’s role will vary depending on each organisation or project, but understanding the nature of the business problem is an essential skill. According to the latest issue of Analysts Anonymous ... Read More

Trip Hazard

By . December 20, 2018
Health & Safety legislation has been in place since the early 70’s. It’s enforceable by law and it does exactly what it says on the tin - it mitigates risk ... Read More

Types of Artificial Intelligence: A Detailed Guide

By . December 20, 2018
“Senator, we place ads,” will probably be one of those phrases that will forever remain a part of our memory of 2018. Whatever your opinion on the Facebook discussion may ... Read More

UK Business Leaders Concerned about Skills Shortage

By . December 20, 2018
64% of UK Business leaders are concerned that potential employees do not have the necessary skills to realise the ambitions of their business according to a recent study carried out ... Read More

UK businesses supported with new cyber security developments

By . December 20, 2018
David Cameron’s recent visit to the US with cyber security firms has enabled new protection measures to be put in place to support UK businesses in the sector. The Prime Minister ... Read More

UK is the most prepared country for cyber attacks

By . December 20, 2018
Despite recording the highest number of attacks over the last year. UK business are better at minimising damage to the business The estimated average number of targeted cyber attacks reported by ... Read More

UK to lead the way on cyber security insurance following large number of breaches

By . December 20, 2018
A report published by the government and one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers and risk advisors, Marsh, has announced plans for the UK to become a global leader in ... Read More

UK unveils world’s first virtual skyscraper to help solve the cyber security skills gap

By . December 20, 2018
3D virtual skyscraper will entice kids as young as 12 with cyber security-related games and puzzles, then engage them with future employers. The first ever virtual world designed solely to find, ... Read More

UX contractors in demand

By . December 20, 2018
IT professionals who are trained in User Experience (UX) will soon be in high demand as businesses begin to realise the need to invest in user experiences online. Research from the ... Read More

Virtual Machines Vs. Containers

By . December 20, 2018
As a Consultant who specialises in the placement of virtualisation and cloud technology professionals, I speak with new and existing clients on a daily basis. One trend I’ve noticed when talking ... Read More

Teachers may not like how tech will disrupt education, but transformation is necessary

By . December 20, 2018
Schools, colleges and universities must look beyond what they are currently doing well and identify the idea that will reshape education Education is the leading force that is accelerating development globally ... Read More

Technological Progress And Why It Will Never Destroy Recruitment

By . December 20, 2018
Recruitment agencies have been around for decades. In order to strive for as long as they have, recruitment agencies had to evolve with technology. From the limited but wide-reaching Newspaper of the early ... Read More

Technology in retail

By . December 20, 2018
The vast improvements in technology have made our lives simpler by taking the burdensome everyday tasks and removing the back breaking aspects of roles, making jobs more efficient in the ... Read More

The 3 pillars of big data analytics potential

By . December 20, 2018
Understanding big data, and utilising it can enable organisations to quickly identify actionable insights in real time, and enable employees to build meaningful solutions to business-critical issues and opportunities   The explosion ... Read More

The benefits of improved IT in the NHS

By . December 20, 2018
In 2015, the summer budget demanded that the NHS make some efficiency savings of up to £22bn while also increasing spending to £123bn by 2020 compared to £113bn in 2014/15. ... Read More

The Changing nature of IT Business Partnering

By . December 20, 2018
An Interview with Tony Michaels, Lead IT Business Partner at Skanska Lead IT Business Partner Tony Michaels tells Certes how he established and developed the IT Business Partnering Function within Skanska ... Read More

The cliffs edge: Skills shortage and the consequences for 2016

By . December 20, 2018
2014, the British economy witnessed a 2.8% expansion. However, even with this economic growth, Britain is in the midst of a persistent skills shortage. According to REC/KPMG’s latest report, contractor availability ... Read More

The First 90 Days – Why Onboarding Matters

By . December 20, 2018
90 days is generally considered the timeframe within which a new employee needs to prove themselves, but this is also a crucial period for employers.   It can be easy to move ... Read More

The Future Looks Bright in IT Recruitment

By . December 20, 2018
The world of IT recruitment is constantly evolving and with an improving economy and a growing bank of talent for employers to choose from, here is a rundown of the ... Read More

The growing cost of Cyber Crime

By . December 20, 2018
The threat of cyber crime has a growing cost attached to it. Have a look at the infographic from HP to see what they are. click to enlarge Read More

The IT BRM/IT Business Partner forum is returning

By . December 20, 2018
Due to the success of our first BRM forum all individuals who attended have confirmed they are keen to meet again for a more structured session on the morning of Thursday 14th of ... Read More

The IT sector: What’s changed in the sector and recruitment

By . December 20, 2018
On the 15th June, Apsco hosted an event to discuss the nature of the IT sector and the changes that have occurred over the years. Guest speakers attended and gave ... Read More

‘The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year’ Cyber Insights for 23rd November from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Who is about to have the most wonderful time of the year. You or the cyber criminals? You can’t fail to have noticed that we are entering the holiday season. The ... Read More

The nature of the Job Seekers

By . December 20, 2018
You’re in a job that you are satisfied with. You would think that the last thing on your mind would be looking for a new job. According to a report from ... Read More

The past 5 years and Government IT

By . December 20, 2018
As time passes, society sees many different changes. These changes have their negative and positives. In the case of IT the positive and negative could be drastic and completely changes ... Read More

The Rise in Demand for Security Cleared IT Professionals

By . December 20, 2018
The IT sector has seen a recent surge in demand for security-cleared employees, primarily as a result of general societal pressure for increased levels of security. This means organisations that previously ... Read More

The skills gap has got everybody talking about developers but what does the future hold for hardware technicians?

By . December 20, 2018
Addressing the skills gap is often focused on coding and computer programming, software is being prioritised over hardware, and it shouldn't be   Rhetoric around skills and education has positioned the skills ... Read More

The Software Generation

By . December 20, 2018
How much software do you use? MS Word perhaps, Excel now and again, or perhaps most of your working day is done in front of Photoshop or InDesign. Of course ... Read More

The most effective way of contacting passive candidates

By . December 20, 2018
Houston, we have a problem. The vast majority of us are currently completely at odds with our candidates when it comes to how to contact them about job opportunities. Earlier this ... Read More

Running to make a change

By . December 20, 2018
Certes believe that children are an integral part to paving the future and as such Certes wants to do what we can to help those children who are unfortunate to be ... Read More

Schools Out (For The Summer)’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
In the next few weeks the exam season will start to slow down, hassled teachers will lift their heads seeing the long holidays approaching and many schools will start locking ... Read More

Security and the Internet of Things

By . December 20, 2018
? ? Source: Read More

Simon Churan gives his thoughts

By . December 20, 2018
Simon Churan, Managing Director of Certes was asked by Aquarius, a UAE womans lifestyle magazine for advice on how people who moved to UAE for work can prepare in finding ... Read More

Slow Business growth, Huge rise in IT staffing.

By . December 20, 2018
After a hard few years the UK economy is starting to bounce back. What recent finding has uncovered is that even with the slow growth of the UK economy, the ... Read More

Smart Cities – the new cities of gold

By . December 20, 2018
We are constantly connected, and new technologies to take advantage to this always connected environment are being implemented which can make cities cost saving and safer. The transformation is already ... Read More

Smart data is changing the future of big data

By . December 20, 2018
Effectively smart data is a method of filtering out valuable data from the other big data noise. This data can then be used by an enterprise to find business-critical solutions ... Read More

Social Gatherings

By . December 20, 2018
This weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre. Is the explosion of social media and the availability of personal information placed online causing more cyber fraud? The answer is ... Read More

Social media VS Job Boards – The future of Recruiting

By . December 20, 2018
From social media’s humble beginnings as a way for friends to keep in contact with each other and share online content, social media is fast becoming a tool that all ... Read More

Solar eclipse and IT: what can we see for the next Decade in IT

By . December 20, 2018
Today at 9.30am we will see a total solar eclipse. And we will not see another eclipse of this magnitude until 2026, a full 11 years. What can change in IT ... Read More

Spending on Cyber security set to jump up 38% over next 10 years

By . December 20, 2018
Cyber security is really the talk of the town of recent and with Apple and Sony being casualties of cyber attacks it’s no surprise that cyber security is an issue. With ... Read More

SQL and Cyber Security skills in demand

By . December 20, 2018
SQL has topped the list of the most sought after skills across both contract and permanent roles for the second quarter running, according to the spring edition of Certes’ 4Sight ... Read More

SQL and Twitter Bootstrap in demand this winter

By . December 20, 2018
SQL topped the most sought-after skills list across both permanent and contract roles in the winter edition of Certes’ 4Sight skills review. Java and Oracle were also in demand in the ... Read More

SQL Retains Top Spot as Most Sought After Contract IT Skill

By . December 20, 2018
SQL has been named the most sought after skill once again in the latest edition of 4sight, for contract roles. In permanent roles however, .NET has taken the top spot ... Read More

Staff retention – Avoiding the cost of saying goodbye

By . December 20, 2018
Staff churn can impact morale and hit a company’s coffers, so retention of valued employees should be a business priority Decisions to invest in developing and retaining talent are not just based ... Read More

Stakeholder communication in unfamiliar environments: my experience with government officials in Kenya

By . December 20, 2018
Stakeholder communication as we know it is going through an era of transition. We are moving from the traditional ‘informing’ and ‘consulting’ others on what we have already prescribed, to more ... Read More

Stepping on the toes of the CIO

By . December 20, 2018
Recently an IT BP contact got in touch with me with the following question: I've just read a piece of research where it spells out the ways CIOs are looking to get ... Read More

Strategy, digital leadership and IT skills

By . December 20, 2018
A visual look at some of the statistics, themes and responses from the 2015 CIO 100 Source: CIO UK Read More

Strong trend in new jobs continued in April despite election jitters

By . December 20, 2018
A short while ago we wrote about how the IT staffing has been seeing a huge growth, despite the slow growth of business.Below, Apsco continue on this topic and also explain ... Read More

Synapse working exclusively with Certes

By . December 20, 2018
Synapse information, a start-up data management solutions company based in Innovation Birmingham Campus, Birmingham were in need of staffing. Thanks to Certes, Synapse were able to acquire highly skilled staff that ... Read More

Passive vs Active: What type of candidate is the one to go for?

By . December 20, 2018
In recruitment, candidates fall into one out of two categories, passive candidates and active candidates. What are the differences between the two types and which one should employer focus on?   Passive ... Read More

Permanent placements fall at sharpest rate in over seven years

By . December 20, 2018
Key points: Marked drop in permanent appointments amid heightened uncertainty Temp billings continue to rise, but at slowest rate in ten months Permanent salaries increase at weakest rate in over three years   Summary: The Markit/REC ... Read More

Poll: 70% of UK tech firms support remaining in the EU

By . December 20, 2018
Poll of technology companies finds 70% support the UK remaining in the EU, and only 15% support Brexit   Seven in ten technology business leaders would like the UK to remain a ... Read More

Preparation is the key to winning

By . December 20, 2018
Going into anything unprepared could be the thing for your failure. If you are going for an interview preparation is the key to winning as 93% of employability comes from preparation. For ... Read More

Professional hiring continued to flatline in November

By . December 20, 2018
Permanent vacancies show 0.3% growth year-on-year Contract vacancies slide by 5% Demand for contractors in IT falls by 13%  Average salaries dip by 1.4%       Professional recruitment firms reported ... Read More

Professional hiring flatlines in September

By . December 20, 2018
Permanent vacancies show 0% growth year-on-year Contract vacancies within financial services jump 8% Engineering vacancies fall by 7% Demand for marketing professionals up 15% Average salaries fall by 0.8%    Download ... Read More

Professional hiring stable post-Brexit

By . December 20, 2018
Permanent vacancies show 0.2% growth year-on-year Contract vacancies dip by 2% Contract vacancies within financial services jump 21% Engineering vacancies fall by 9% Average salaries dip by 0.8%  Professional recruitment firms reported that vacancy ... Read More

Professional hiring up 8% with financial services leading the way

By . December 20, 2018
Permanent vacancies increase 8% year-on-year Finance & accounting roles up by 17%    Contract vacancies remain stable Average salaries climb, increasing by 4.6% Professional recruitment firms now have 8% more vacancies on their books ... Read More

Professional staffing remains slow as outlook remains uncertain

By . December 20, 2018
Permanent vacancies show 0% growth year-on-year Contract vacancies slide by 5% Demand for contractors in financial services plummets Average salaries dip by 0.3%    ? ?Professional recruitment firms reported that vacancy ... Read More

Pros and cons of temporary and permanent roles in 2018

By . December 20, 2018
IT is seeing a growth in contractual recruitment as opposed to permanent employment. Contract-based employment allows for more flexibility with work life and time at home while permanent employment gives the ... Read More

Putting off thinking about the GDPR? Think again.

By . December 20, 2018
Putting off thinking about the GDPR? We really recommend you start now. Whether you like it or not, the GDPR is well on its way and if your business operates ... Read More

Raising awareness for Cystic Fibrosis

By . December 20, 2018
Cystic Fibrosis is a life-shortening inherited disease caused by a faulty gene. This gene controls the movement of salt and water in and out of your cells, so the lungs ... Read More

Recruiters and recruiting technology

By . December 20, 2018
For anyone to succeed the right tools need to be put in place. After all “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. For recruiters to have the right tools in ... Read More

Recruiting and retaining Millennials

By . December 20, 2018
The much talked about Millennial generation poses an interesting challenge to employers. Often criticised for their sense of entitlement, IT professionals born in the 80s and 90s have faced an ... Read More

Recruitment is a people business

By . December 20, 2018
The growth of technology will constantly have an effect on how an industry works. Whether making long monotonous tasks automated or allowing for easier communication between people, technology has and ... Read More

Recruitment trends for 2016: UK and Global

By . December 20, 2018
Another 12 months has come and gone and the recruitment industry has seen many changes, some expected and some that came out of nowhere.   Global Recruitment Trends The quality of candidates seems to ... Read More

Robust job market in Q2 of 2015

By . December 20, 2018
The UK has seen major declines in employment due to a long lasting recession. Now the UK job market looks to be bouncing back with a robust Q2 in 2015. ... Read More

Running 10k for fun and a cause

By . December 20, 2018
Certes’ own Craig Oates is taking part in the 10K Shenstone Fun Run 2015 on 21 June 2015 to raise money for Violets in Bloom. Kerry and Ivan Mornington founded the charity ... Read More

Recruiters need to become like water

By . December 20, 2018
“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When ... Read More

Latest jobs data: Demand for contractors in financial services falls

By . December 20, 2018
Permanent vacancies down 1% year-on-year Contract vacancies fall 9% Contractor vacancies in finance drop by 23%    Average salaries dip by 1.3% Permanent vacancies dip Professional recruitment firms reported that overall vacancy numbers for permanent ... Read More

Learning from 2016: ransomware took the cloud computing industry by storm

By . December 20, 2018
At the beginning of the new year, companies have a chance to overview the events of the past year, both the good and the bad Observing the changes an industry experienced ... Read More

Legal sector embracing new technology

By . December 20, 2018
Many sectors are applying new technologies in their operations, but a sector that is slowly accepting this change is the legal sector. Law firms are taking steps into welcoming IT and implementing new ... Read More

Look to the future

By . December 20, 2018
Due to the fact that we speak to hundreds of companies in a week, I am constantly asked for my opinion on what the future holds, what will the IT ... Read More

Maximising Millennials: The who, how and why of managing Gen Y

By . December 20, 2018
Millennials are a big topic these days and as millennials in the workforce are going to make up a large quanity of employees, employers should know how to maximise employing ... Read More

Microsoft fixes bugs exploited to hack military and financial firms

By . December 20, 2018
Microsoft’s operating system has been on the receiving end of numerous malicious attacks, with the US defence, government networks and financial services firms being primary targets for security attackers. Vulnerability ... Read More

Microsoft skills are in demand

By . December 20, 2018
The demand for contract and permanent skills has seen some extreme changes with Microsoft skills topping the tables for both contract and permanent skills according to Certes’ 4Sight Q1 2016 ... Read More

More employers leaning towards permanent staffing

By . December 20, 2018
According to a November report from REC, 84% of UK employers are planning to increase their workforce within the next three months and 76% are planning to expand their permanent ... Read More

More IT workers burning the midnight oil than five years ago

By . December 20, 2018
According to a survey from Regus, IT workers in the UK are putting more time and working outside of their usual hours. The survey which asked the opinions of over 3000 ... Read More

My time using recruitment agents.

By . December 20, 2018
When I decided to look for my first job I wasn’t aware of recruitment agencies and because of this job hunting was a tremendously tedious and time-consuming task for me. I ... Read More

New dividend tax: how contractors can prepare

By . December 20, 2018
The new dividend tax could be seen as a problem to contractors, especially those who are taking dividends (paid regularly by a company out of its profits) as opposed to ... Read More

New technologies influencing how we work

By . December 20, 2018
Technology is transforming our work enviroment. In the space of a few years the way we work has changed drastically.  Research from Raconteur charts the factors that are transforming the the work envrionment ... Read More

NHS board aiming to digitalise patient records onto a single platform

By . December 20, 2018
As part of moves to join together health and social care systems, the NHS in England has set up the National Information Board, which brings together organisations from across the ... Read More

No degree? 7 proven ways to succeed in your interview

By . December 20, 2018
Many people resort to pointing to their 1st class or 2.1 degree from such and such university as proof that they are the right person for the job. And of ... Read More

On the front foot: how to keep pace with IT evolution

By . December 20, 2018
A change is as good as rest – how many CIOs and IT managers would agree? They really are at the forefront of the rapidly evolving technology that’s at the ... Read More

One might want to capture them all: the gamification of requirements

By . December 20, 2018
The AssistKD R&D team are constantly looking for new, innovative ways of working and thinking; especially when it comes to the world of requirements. One approach that we have seen ... Read More

Organisations are ready to phase out passwords. Are you?

By . December 20, 2018
What are the main hindrances stopping the adoption of authentication strategies, and will passwords be around for much longer?   Single-factor, password-based authentication – and even many traditional two-factor approaches – are no longer ... Read More

Our Guide to UK Security Clearance

By . December 20, 2018
Our comprehensive guide to UK security clearance and a free DV checklist UK Security Clearance is a crucial process that plays a significant role in safeguarding national security, ensuring the protection ... Read More

Paper Wait’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
I don’t know much about Panama. Up to now my knowledge has been limited to being aware that they have a canal, have given their name to a piece of ... Read More

Managing the difficulties of on-site, cloud IT environments

By . December 20, 2018
The swift adoption to new technologies are becoming integral to companies but at the same time they are making it difficult for companies to manage their expanding IT environment which ... Read More

Improving Onboarding with Technology

By . December 20, 2018
Effective onboarding of new employees improves morale, performance and retention and with new technology, it’s even easier to implement a successful strategy.   Here are’s top tips for engaging employees and ... Read More

IT BRM/BP – Share insight with peers

By . December 20, 2018
I’m a search and selection consultant who focuses on two permanent verticals, Heads of Department and IT BRM/BPs.  For the latter, I’ve seen a significant increase in advertised roles over ... Read More

IT careers for the technically challenged

By . December 20, 2018
  Technology is rapidly expanding as a sector in the job market and it requires a constant influx of talent and skills. Coupled with all the attention AI, machine learning and ... Read More

IT Contracting highest it has been since Brexit vote

By . December 20, 2018
Demand for IT contractors has seen a change of direction in the last few months with demand slowly improving month-on-month, despite a small dip in August. September’s index is the highest ... Read More

IT Contractor demand drop to lowest in 26 months

By . December 20, 2018
The IT contractor jobs index slow down that occurred for the last 5 months took a downturn in August making it the lowest that market has been for monthly growth ... Read More

IT contractor demand hits a new high for 2016

By . December 20, 2018
The demand for IT contractors has seen a slow down during the last few months, but the demand has once again started to grow by the end of May. According to ... Read More

IT contractor jobs index plateaued in June

By . December 20, 2018
The IT contractor market has not seen any improvements in June but it has not declined either compared to results seen in May. In REC’s (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) latest index ... Read More

IT sectors and skills: the ones to watch in Q1

By . December 20, 2018
From the most closely contested election in decades to the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, 2015 looks set to be a momentous year. In the spirit of future-gazing, ... Read More

IT Skills Top Charts for Banking & Finance

By . December 20, 2018
Banking and Finance has the highest demand for IT skills, according to the latest edition of 4sight. This was consistent across both Contract and Permanent roles. Retail, Telecoms, E-commerce and Marketing ... Read More

Just like any other interview: things to keep in mind for phone and video interviews

By . December 20, 2018
The interview is the most daunting part of the job hunting process. It use to be that candidates would have to travel to where their potential employers were located and ... Read More

Keep your CV in tip-top shape

By . December 20, 2018
Having the perfect CV can be the deciding factor between you and your neareast competition. But how can you get the upper hand against other candidates? Source: Careersavvy Read More

Keeping IT Projects Under Control: People Success

By . December 20, 2018
Over the years I’ve supported various organisations (FTSE100’s & SME’s) to deliver Enterprise IT projects and have recently spoken to several project & programme managers I’ve worked with to find ... Read More

Latest IT salary review reveals increases for management roles

By . December 20, 2018
The latest Certes 4Sight IT staffing review has revealed notable increases in salaries across IT management roles in particular. Average permanent salaries for IT Directors, Programme Managers and Systems Architects have ... Read More

Improvements in IT contract demand

By . December 20, 2018
The last couple of months has been full of uncertainty. After the results of the EU referendum, no one knew how this would affect the IT job market. There have ... Read More

Increase in cyber attacks. Demand for Cyber security professionals on the rise.

By . December 20, 2018
According to an article from  “Cyber security roles account for 14% of UK-based IT jobs” and the demand for IT professionals in cyber security roles are still rising. The last few ... Read More

Increase in IT Management Sector Salary and Rates

By . December 20, 2018
This quarter’s Certes 4sight IT staffing review has shown that the IT Management sector saw the most increases in Certes employed consultant rates and permanent salaries. The highest increase seen was ... Read More

Infrastructure Roles See Largest Salary Increase

By . December 20, 2018
In this quarter’s Certes 4sight review the Infrastructure roles sector saw the most increases in permanent salaries, with the highest increase seen for Oracle Applications with a £5,000 rise in ... Read More

Insecure smart city tech raises public security and privacy fears

By . December 20, 2018
Based on research from Broadband Genie, the public view is negative surrounding smart cities and the possible privacy threat they could pose to citizens. Could the awareness raised on Data ... Read More

Interviewing a candidate: How to de-stress the process

By . December 20, 2018
We have been giving tips aimed at candidates on how they can prepare for interviews, whether it is preparing for interviews over phone/video or advice candidates should take on board ... Read More

Is Data Analytics the key to transformation success?

By . December 20, 2018
Data is the key to success and many companies are looking into data to make decisions. According to Raconteur, data is playing and going to continue to play a huge ... Read More

How a flexible learning approach for IT professionals could plug the IT skills gap

By . December 20, 2018
While governments can tackle the bigger issue of the IT skills shortage, enterprise can nurture tech talent in the short term by taking IT skills training mobile.   The UK has gained ... Read More

How can we benefit from Smart Cities

By . December 20, 2018
Smart cities are inevitable and they can be hosts to a multitude of perks of how cities function and are maintained. The smart city solutions can transform how cities operate ... Read More

How can you really tell whether a company is worth working for?

By . December 20, 2018
Sidebar: Social Share Box (Quick disclaimer: we know that 'worth' is a very personal thing so this is in no way meant to be a definition of what a company worth working ... Read More

How recruiters and job seekers use social media in 2015

By . December 20, 2018
Social recruitment is fast become the norm for recruiters due to its efficiency and cost effectivness. So you can get the best out of using social media for your job seeking it ... Read More

How serious is Cyber Security?

By . December 20, 2018
Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk in the news around cyber security, the effects that it has had on companies and the public. Some ... Read More

How to Attract the Perfect Employee (Infographic)

By . December 20, 2018
The difference between a job seeker choosing one job over another may simply be down to incentives. The roles may be identical but the deciding factor could be that one position may offer ... Read More

HMRC and Google collaboration: A cause for security concern?

By . December 20, 2018
Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have confirmed that documents containing sensitive data are going to be stored on numerous Google cloud services outside of the UK. HMRC chose Google ... Read More

How to Build a Brilliant IT Employer Brand on Social Media

By . December 20, 2018
It is no secret that building an appealing employer brand is key to attracting the best IT talent around and with the social media takeover that has erupted in the ... Read More

How to effectively assess BA candidates

By . December 20, 2018
The latest issue of Analysts Anonymous reports on a workshop with 30 BA practice leads, which reviewed recruitment in the sector and how to get the most value from the ... Read More

How can UK SMEs benefit from the launch of G-Cloud 10?

By . December 20, 2018
Despite previous predictions pushing the launch of G-Cloud 10 as far back as 2019, the Cabinet Office Minister for Implementation Oliver Dowden has announced that the launch will take place ... Read More

How to Obtain your Security Clearance

By . December 20, 2018
In last week’s blog, we looked at the rise in demand for security-cleared IT professionals, so how can you obtain your security clearance? Security clearance is a status granted to individuals, ... Read More

How to Build your Brand as an IT Employer

By . December 20, 2018
Businesses will often invest significant time and money into building a distinct ‘brand’. This helps to promote a consistent and recognisable image of their organisation and its values, which may ... Read More

How to develop a mobile IT strategy that balances compliance with enablement

By . December 20, 2018
Given the changing regularity associated with mobile working, there's never been more pressure on enterprises to address their approach to mobility   This year, the UK government has committed to the roll ... Read More

How to make an interviewer fall in love with you?

By . December 20, 2018
It’s the season of love and Valentine’s Day made everyone feel all love-y dove-y, but there are lesson to learn from this period of affection that can be used to ... Read More

How to prepare for a competency based interview

By . December 20, 2018
The interview is the go to method and an essential tool for recruiters in finding the ideal employee. Interviewers ask for many things from the interviewee in order to gaining ... Read More

How to protect your organisation from ransomware

By . December 20, 2018
When it comes to malware, cybersecurity threats and basic human error, organisations need to focus on more aspects than just their environmental risk   A cyber attack is truly an executive's worst ... Read More

How we can prepare the UK today for tomorrow’s tech jobs

By . December 20, 2018
The excel guru of 2015 is about to give way to a new breed of data analyst, but how can we train for the skills needed in this new data-driven ... Read More

How your IT purchasing strategy can bridge the great technology-employee divide

By . December 20, 2018
How your IT purchasing strategy can bridge the great technology The biggest challenge businesses now face is bridging the gap between technology and users, changing who holds the power in making ... Read More

Humans vs robots: the battle for the workplace

By . December 20, 2018
With robots continuing to revolutionise workplaces, what can employees do to apply and leverage their skills so they can add greater value? 'Welcome to your obsolescence,' shouts the New York Times Book ... Read More

I don’t ‘do’ cyber! Yes, you do…

By . December 20, 2018
If you think you ‘don’t do’ cyber, then we have news for you. You do, your business does, in fact everybody does. Read more over at Cyber Insights, brought to you by ... Read More

Demand for IT contractor returning to high

By . December 20, 2018
Over the summer months and coming into autumn the demand for IT contractors saw an ongoing drop. The results were: May - 60.3 June - 60.3 July - 59.2 August - 58.7 September - 58.6 The ... Read More

Demand for professional talent softens ahead of EU referendum but salary growth holds firm

By . December 20, 2018
 Permanent opportunities increase 1% year-on-year •    Financial Services vacancies up 10% •    Contract vacancies rise by 1% year-on-year •    Average salaries up 3.9% Download FREE Infographic  Professional recruitment firms now have just 1% more vacancies ... Read More

Demand for talent remains high in the UK’s creative industries

By . December 20, 2018
Demand for professionals in London’s creative occupations remains exceptionally high, with over a third of jobs in the sector found within the UK’s main creative hub. This is according to ... Read More

Desktop IT investments shift to the cloud

By . December 20, 2018
Investment into cloud application is seeing a rise. As a report from The TechTarget IT Priorities 2015 survey confirmed, IT spending on cloud computing ranked third (39%) behind spending on ... Read More

Despite Brexit, London still ranks as top European city for tech

By . December 20, 2018
Six months on from Britain’s vote to leave the EU, London underlines its continued strength as the leading tech hub in Europe London has been ranked as the leading destination in ... Read More

Developer Profile 2018

By . December 20, 2018
Content: Share This UK Developers. Who are they? What do they want? What do they not want? What's in a Developer in 2018? If you’re a hiring manager or a recruiter, knowing ... Read More

Do contractors and agencies have a good relationship?

By . December 20, 2018
Contractors and agencies have had an increasingly strong relationship over the years and the relationship is becoming even stronger. Contractors are using agencies more and agencies are providing contractors better ... Read More

Do Not Let it Expire – How to Make Sure You Renew your Security Clearance on Time

By . December 20, 2018
One of the most sought after attributes in the IT sector is security clearance, making it a very valuable tool when looking for employment. However, many people are becoming complacent and ... Read More

Does using cloud in schools pose privacy risks for students?

By . December 20, 2018
Schools are evolving with the times and adopting new technologies to present and improve the learning environment. Using cloud as part of the repertoire helps schools to not only provide ... Read More

Embedding New Practices: Best practice suggestions from the BA Manager Forum

By . December 20, 2018
A recent meeting of the BA Manager Forum considered how to embed new working practices in an organisation. This is often a thorny issue because, no matter how much better ... Read More

Employees want to changing careers

By . December 20, 2018
According to the London School of Business and Finanace, 21% of employees are planning to change their current position for a new career within the next year and 29% of employees stay ... Read More

Facebook at Work trial underway to encourage networking with colleagues

By . December 20, 2018
Facebook has launched a professional platform that enables workers to use the social networking site during office hours to communicate with colleagues, collaborate on documents and build contacts within their ... Read More

Fail to Plan and You’ll Plan to Fail: The Words of Warning for IT Recruiting in 2014

By . December 20, 2018
If you have spent any time in 2014 trying to fill a vacant IT position, you will have undoubtedly seen just how fast moving the market is at present. Those organisations ... Read More

Five years in information security – what has changed?

By . December 20, 2018
The need to continuously adapt to an increasingly hostile environment is a significant change from the familiar measures that kept businesses secure only five years ago.   Today’s information security landscape is ... Read More

Flexible working hours seeing a rise in demand

By . December 20, 2018
It has been long thought that the biggest incentive for employee was salary, and although that is the highest demand (66%) other incentives are being considered as alternates. After Career Development ... Read More

Growth in permanent hiring despite uncertain outlook

By . December 20, 2018
•    Permanent and temporary placements rise 1% year-on-year •    Permanent vacancies decline within IT and Finance •    Average salaries dip by 2.8%    New survey data from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies ... Read More

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail – Interview question tips

By . December 20, 2018
Preparation is the key to success. The ability to pre-empt any situation can work in your favour and in most cases can change a decision to benefit you. Preparing for interviews ... Read More

Guess who’ s a certified BRMP

By . December 20, 2018
James 'JOD' O'Driscoll has made the journey to go back to school and add to his growing arsenal of skills. After a tough exam, JOD can now proudly say that he is BRMP® ... Read More


By . December 20, 2018
You’ve been spending time looking on recruitment agency sites and you have come across what you think is your ideal job. You have all the skills and experience so you ... Read More

Heres our Quick Fire Tips for Ensuring Successful IT Recruitment in 2014

By . December 20, 2018
In our previous blog, we showed you how the IT recruitment market is changing and becoming increasingly competitive. Here we will give our quick tips to making sure you secure ... Read More

Certes has been awarded the NMNC framework from Crown Commercial Service

By . December 20, 2018
Certes have been awarded a place on the new Non Medical Non Clinical (NMNC) framework provided by the Crown Commercial Service. The NMNC framework provides access to temporary staff, interim's and contractors ... Read More

Certes is a living wage employer

By . December 20, 2018
In 2016 the government introduced the National Living Wage - while this pay rise for low-paid workers is welcome, it is not a Living Wage as it isn't calculated based ... Read More

Certes is in for the cause

By . December 20, 2018
Certes is getting into the spirit of red nose day and have gotten together to raise money for the cause. Certes are not just contributing to Comic Relief but Certes’ own ... Read More

Certes IT BRM/IT Business Partner forum

By . December 20, 2018
Date – Thursday 14th of April  Due to the success of Certes’ first BRM forum two new sessions were recently organised. The morning session was a follow up from the first forum, with ... Read More

Certes IT BRM/IT Business Partner Forum – 25th November 2016

By . December 20, 2018
Due to the continued success of the Certes’ forums, the latest event took place at Skanska UK’s head office at the end of November, kindly hosted by Tony Michaels and ... Read More

Certes rated amongst the best of the best

By . December 20, 2018
Certes Holdings Ltd has been rated among the UK's best IT Recruitment companies in an independently produced industry report. Expertly researched by business analysts using the latest information available, the Plimsoll ... Read More

Certes win the Birmingham 10k small business competition.

By . December 20, 2018
The Certes team took part in the Great Birmingham 10K run and even with the rain our guys did amazing and smashed the competition. Can you spot Amir and Niall crossing ... Read More

Choice or Convenience?

By . December 20, 2018
Business Analysis - A Career Less Ordinary   Let’s be honest, ‘Career Planning’ isn’t a term often heard within BA circles. It could even be said that many of today’s leading practitioners ... Read More

Clare leaving Certes for motherhood

By . December 20, 2018
Clare Whelan, Contract Division Account Manager had her last day at Certes on Friday 22 November for maternity leave. Although we are sad to see you go and Certes will ... Read More

Closing the disconnect

By . December 20, 2018
For years BRM functions have been chasing the “top table” where they’re dealing with their senior business stakeholders, understanding and influencing their business strategies over the next three to five ... Read More

Concerns over cyber security are at an all time high

By . December 20, 2018
A recent report of 300 IT professionals revealed 65% expect a serious data breach to hit their business within the next year   Cyber attacks and cybersecurity failings have continued to dominate headlines ... Read More

Congratulations Liam

By . December 20, 2018
Last week, Liam Bayliss graduated from the University of Worcester completing his Master’s degree in Contemporary Theatre Practice and Philosophy. We hope you can join us in congratulating Liam on such ... Read More

Connected healthcare across the globe

By . December 20, 2018
A connected healthcare system could see major benefits for both healthcare professionals and patients. A report from Raconteur has announced that some countries are taking to this quicker than others. Surprisingly, the ... Read More

Continued growth in demand reaches 7 month high

By . December 20, 2018
Month-on-month there has been improvements to the demand for IT contractors. October’s results are no different with an index score of 56.3 (score over 50 shows growth over the previous ... Read More

Could online access to patient records spark ‘ID theft’?

By . December 20, 2018
With the technology of today, Identity theft and compromising sensitive data has become an increasing issue. Information being stored on databases allows for anyone to gain access to a vast ... Read More

Craig is set

By . December 20, 2018
Craig has been training diligently to prepare for his 10K run for "Violets in Bloom". This weekend the time has come for him to take up the challenge and dominate ... Read More

CV / Interview Tips for aspiring Developers

By . December 20, 2018
Due to the time of year I have been working with a number of recent Graduates to help them secure their first “real” job. Recruiting graduates pose a number of unique ... Read More

Cyber Security and the world

By . December 20, 2018
Cyber Security is a growing issue in this digital age and affects everyone on a global level. Since dependency on IT technology is so prevalent now than previous years, it's no surprise ... Read More

Demand for cyber security professionals continues to rise

By . December 20, 2018
Demand for cyber security professionals grew by almost 70% between 2012 and 2015 – 40% higher than the overall growth rate for IT professionals. This is according to the latest ... Read More

Cyber Insecurity of the Internet of Things

By . December 20, 2018
Last Friday sites such as Google, Netflix, Twitter and Paypal crashed as a result of a massive DDOS attack on the servers of Dyn a company that controls many of ... Read More

Big Data leading the way in 2015

By . December 20, 2018
Big Data, an enormous treasure trove of information that reveals patterns, trends and associations that the IT sector is seeing the importance of and embracing. IT recruitment has seen an ... Read More

Big data vs. the Internet of Things: how the projects differ

By . December 20, 2018
What do you call big data on steroids? The Internet of Things   While big data projects may seem a complicated beast to many IT professionals, working on an Internet of Things ... Read More

Brexit Shmexit

By . December 20, 2018
The morning after the Brexit vote, I like many recruiters wondered what this monuments decision meant for the industry I had worked so hard to build a business in. The ... Read More

Brits blind to smart city progress, research finds

By . December 20, 2018
The vast majority (96%) of Brits are unaware of any smart city initiatives being run by their local city council, new research has found. People are also confused about the benefits ... Read More

Being agile for business success

By . December 20, 2018
Agile, a method that is used to improve the working environment holds a host of benefits once employed such as making business processes more efficient which drastically cuts the time ... Read More

Beware of the (phishing) bait

By . December 20, 2018
Did you know that 156 million phishing emails are sent each day? This infographic reveals the main threats that phishing poses and explains why it is important to educate your employees ... Read More

Big data workforce set to significantly increase by 2020

By . December 20, 2018
The big data workforce is expected to increase by a staggering 346,000 professionals by 2020, according to recent research conducted by the Tech Partnership and SAS UK. An estimated 56,000 job ... Read More

Birmingham named as the most investable city in the UK

By . December 20, 2018
Birmingham has recently been named the UK’s most investable city and the sixth best location in Europe to do business according to a new report. The study, ‘Emerging Trends in Real ... Read More

BT launches technology scholarships and primary schools IT skills programme

By . December 20, 2018
The skills gap in the IT sector is affecting many aspects of employment. Employers are demanding specific skills but candidates are lacking the skills requested. British Telecommunications are stepping up ... Read More

Celebrating 17 years at Certes

By . December 20, 2018
Kate Ormsby is celebrating 17 years "wonderful years" working for Certes. Kate started working for Certes in 1998 as a Data Inputter for CSD (Candidates Services Department), where she inputted all the candidate ... Read More

Business Relationship Management (BRM) in 3 minutes from APMG International

By . December 20, 2018
?   The basics Business Relationship Management stimulates, surfaces and shapes business demand for a provider’s products and services and ensures that the potential business value from those products and services is captured, ... Read More

Can you spot phishing emails? They’ve hit a new level of quality

By . December 20, 2018
As the quality of phising emails reaches a new level of deciet, here's what organisations should do if an employee fall foul to an attack Phishing attacks are getting better and ... Read More

Certes are pleased to announce their new Head of Corporate Accounts

By . December 20, 2018
Certes have now appointed Nicola Wilcox as their new Head of Corporate accounts. Nicola leaves her previous role as Account Development manager for her new role where she will oversee ... Read More

Cashing in on the value of business data

By . December 20, 2018
Exploiting data, whether behind a company firewall or with an open approach, can create value and transform business fortunes The risk posed by disruption has created a new gold rush. Senior ... Read More

Certes are working closely with the National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Recently, Certes have been award Cyber Essentials accreditation. To Certes being protected against cyber attacks is a huge issue, especially in an age where a majority of our communication, work ... Read More

Certes are playing Santa Clause

By . December 20, 2018
Christmas is the time for giving and this year the Certes team decided to pull together and did our part to help put smiles on the faces of the children ... Read More

Certes at the SUPC Framework launch event.

By . December 20, 2018
SUPC are a membership-based buying organisation for universities and further education colleges that develops and manages framework agreements. Today Certes attends the SUPC framework launch event and have now awarded under the ... Read More

Certes Fighting to Help

By . December 20, 2018
Certes sponsored Warrior Wilson Training on Saturday 30th May for a white collar boxing charity event in Slough. The event was in aid of MacMillian Cancer and Thames Hospice. nine fights ... Read More

Certes BRM forum – October 2015

By . December 20, 2018
Certes hosted our first BRM forum held in our London office on the 29th October 2015, Led by Certes' very own Principal Consultant, James O'Driscoll. The forum focused on the growing demand ... Read More

Certes has been awarded Cyber Essentials accreditation

By . December 20, 2018
Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber attacks. The Cyber Essentials scheme helps organisations define and measure basic levels of security hygiene.  ... Read More

A Business Analyst’s Top 10 Tips for Writing Better Requirements

By . December 20, 2018
Although writing the requirements for an IT project may seem like quite a trivial task, it can often be a crucial part of communicating the aims and expected outcomes of ... Read More

APM Systems Thinking SIG chair interview

By . December 20, 2018
Interview with Dr Michael Emes MEng PhD MIET MAPM MINCOSE, APM Systems Thinking Specific Interest Group (SIG) chair. Why is systems thinking important to you? Systems thinking helps me get to grips with challenging problems. ... Read More

Are Cover Letters still relevant?

By . December 20, 2018
If you’re a driver in the UK, your driving licence was made up of a photo card and a paper counterpart. Last year the DVLA brought an end to the ... Read More

A cloudy future

By . December 20, 2018
The cloud is becoming every businesses go to for storing data and service usage . £81 Billion ($127 Billion) will be spent Globally on public IT cloud service by 2018 ... Read More

A devolution revolution

By . December 20, 2018
The government is making movements into how the country will be operating, giving power to local authorities to improve local growth. Devolution Revolution will empower local communities to deliver growth ... Read More

Assessing cyber risk in business is about more than just counting vulnerabilities

By . December 20, 2018
Understanding and mitigating risk is an important objective of businesses, and yet it can be hard to determine   Risk is one of those concepts that are tough to nail down. Everyone ... Read More

A fresh focus on creating IT jobs in Stoke-on-Trent

By . December 20, 2018
? Left to right Simon Churan, MD, Scott Daly, Regional Director   Certes, one of the UKs leading IT recruitment specialists, is pleased to announce the launch of a new office based in ... Read More

‘At Your Service’ Cyber Insights for 10th August from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
For years I was often involved in the implementation of what was then considered a major IT project. Many months would be taken up in the design, development, deployment and ... Read More

A new way forward – post IR35 reform

By . December 20, 2018
IR35 – Certes Solutions Following the much anticipated reforms to IR35 in the public sector, as implemented through the off payroll changes (IR35) part 2 income tax (earnings and pensions) ... Read More

Auto enrolment and what it means for contractors

By . December 20, 2018
People are living longer and for most people, retirement will be taken at a later age. For contractors who move from role to role, pensions can be a whole different ... Read More

A Prince2 of the BRM world.

By . December 20, 2018
A recent study by McKinsey provides further evidence that when IT acts as a partner rather than a waiter, it performs better. This is why those of us that work within ... Read More

Average phishing costs are £2.4 million – about half due to productivity losses

By . December 20, 2018
Ponemon Institute reveals that dealing with phishing attacks costs the average 10,000-employee company $3.77 million (GBP£2.4 million) a year. CSO Online reports that the survey was conducted with 377 IT professionals and ... Read More

A Slow down in growth for IT contractors but a good 2016 overall

By . December 20, 2018
The demand for IT contractors seemed to be making a resurgence month on month after the initial drop during June, but the growth has slowly started to level from October. ... Read More

A Talking CV – The New Trend in IT Recruitment

By . December 20, 2018
IT Employers are often inundated with CVs, meaning they get a stack of paper to sift through when looking for the perfect candidate. How can you guarantee that it is ... Read More

Advancements in communication technology improves productivity

By . December 20, 2018
It's no surprise that advancements in technology in technology and communications has made the transfer of information more streamlined. You have a document that you want to send across the ... Read More

AI: the new you of the future

By . December 20, 2018
TV shows tend to have a way of paving the course of technology. Star Trek gave us the possibility of using a slab of plastic, metal and glass to provide ... Read More

Another Brick In The Wall

By . December 20, 2018
Pink Floyd stated that ‘all in all you’re just another brick in the wall’, close chaps, you were close, we actually need education to provide us a few more bricks ... Read More

APSCo responds to Autumn Statement

By . December 20, 2018
Autumn Statement: The UK will now have one of the most inflexible labour markets in the world says APSCo •    UK in danger of moving from being one of most flexible ... Read More

Are Developers being pushed into early retirement?

By . December 20, 2018
Age is just a number; however, a recent survey by Stack Overflow found that the average age of a developer is 27.  Does this mean the older generation are leaving ... Read More

Are you out of IR35?

By . December 20, 2018
​Deemed Self Employment Status - Are you Out of IR35?  For those contractors who have been found to be outside of IR35, read our guidance notes to support your deemed self-employment ... Read More

’Tools Of The Trade’ Cyber Insights for 29th June from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
With summer in full swing, the garden centres of our little island nation are doing a brisk trade. The dizzying array of items available to assist in the creation of ... Read More

3D printed rib cage helps Cancer patient

By . December 20, 2018
Healthcare is no stranger to 3D printing. From printing prostectic hands, functiong hearts and even faces for face transplants. 3D printing is a ginat step foward into how technology can ... Read More

’The Moral Compass’ Cyber Insights for 3rd August from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
On a number of occasions ‘Anonymous’ the loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivists, have accessed the membership records of the Ku Klux Klan and threatened to make them ... Read More

’Trust Issues’ Cyber Insights for 27th July from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
I was recently discussing with West Mercia Police the current state of cyber security awareness amongst the general public. West Mercia, like many other Police forces, are currently undertaking an ... Read More

’Uncommon Sense’ Cyber Insights for 20th July from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Scams have been around for a very long time, in fact, dodgy deals done by wheeler-dealers are almost part of our heritage. For those of a certain age the names ... Read More

2.3 Million by 2020

By . December 20, 2018
By 2020, the UK will need around 2.3 million workers with digital skills to fill an influx of 766,000 digital jobs that have been predicted to be created in the ... Read More

2017: The Cloud Continues To Dominate

By . December 20, 2018
Since returning from the Christmas break I have spent the early part of 2017 meeting with senior IT infrastructure professionals on discussing their plans for the coming year. These meetings ... Read More

3 Evolutions In Talent Analytics That Lead to BDAS

By . December 20, 2018
Evolution is a part of nature. To survive we evolve. Technology is the best to evidence this as in short periods of time technology have seen drastic changes. Broadbean has decided ... Read More

3 myths about cloud and security

By . December 20, 2018
Much of the negative chatter about cloud security is unfounded, and is simply an extension of what is already being dealt with across physical infrastructure  Businesses regularly ask whether transition to ... Read More

5 cyber hacks that will affect your life in 2016

By . December 20, 2018
The acceleration of innovation combined with the lack of attention given to security and privacy only increase the likelihood of these attacks Cyber attackers have an abundance of opportunities to steal ... Read More

5 reasons to focus on the business risk of IT security

By . December 20, 2018
It's vital to plan and develop some key focus areas around business risk when implementing an IT strategy. By now, we all know the fallout from an IT security crisis can ... Read More

5 Reasons to Work with an IT Staffing Firm in 2015

By . December 20, 2018
Business runs on information technology. The tools and devices that make up your IT infrastructure must provide you with a competitive advantage. And the same applies to your IT personnel. Here ... Read More

5 ways AI personal assistants will change work

By . December 20, 2018
Already they are beginning to take the drudgery out of office admin – now virtual personal assistants are set to get even smarter.   1. ARRANGING MEETINGS Scheduling meetings can be a tedious task, ... Read More

6 important things to remember before your interview

By . December 20, 2018
Before you go to an interview you need to prepare. Here are 6 important things to remember before your interview.   Source: Career Savvy Read More

6 steps to protect your company from crypto-ransomware attacks

By . December 20, 2018
Ransomware is one of the most sophisticated and widespread cyber threats affecting business today Harnessing the latest social engineering techniques and strong cryptography algorithms, ransomware can encrypt user files on a ... Read More

67% of organisations to increase spending on software-defined infrastructure in 2016

By . December 20, 2018
Overall spending on software-defined infrastructure will increase by 14.4% in 2016 as technology matures, says 451 Research.   Two-thirds of enterprises will increase spending on software-defined infrastructure (SDI) in 2016, according to ... Read More

7 in 10 Brits do not know opening an email could lead to a cyber attack

By . December 20, 2018
More than two thirds of people in the UK are completely unaware of the threats associated with opening malicious emails A survey has exposed the naïve attitude of British people to ... Read More

7 tips to succeed with big data from Tableau Software

By . December 20, 2018
Just when you thought big data couldn’t get any bigger, it got bigger still. Regardless of its actual size, big data is showing its value. Organisations everywhere have big data ... Read More

75% of Europe’s workforce will be mobile by 2018

By . December 20, 2018
New IDC research outlines impact of BYOD and growing mobile workforce, creating a critical need for secure 'anytime and anywhere' access   Three quarters of the Western European workforce will be mobile ... Read More

96% of UK corporations have been hacked, new data reveals

By . December 20, 2018
Despite the vast majority of UK organisations being hacked, 9.1% have not acted against cybercrime. New data has revealed that 96% of UK corporations have seen hackers successfully penetrate their IT ... Read More

‘The Cold War (Rebooted)’ Cyber Insights for 4th January from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
A new Cold War is erupting between two old adversaries with cyber security at its heart. After an appropriate amount of time has passed concepts from the past seem to reappear. ... Read More

‘The Return Of The Thing’ Cyber Insights for 30th November from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
There is a new breed of ‘thing’ ready to compromise your security. Back in 1982 long before the world got connected a horror film called ‘The Thing’ hit the big screen. ... Read More

‘The Road Aheads’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
I was very fortunate to attend last weeks North West Cyber Security Conference. Events like these, and there are more and more of them cropping up, are always a good ... Read More

‘Watching The Watchers’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Within your IT department, assuming you have one, somebody has access to everything. All the emails. All the financial systems. All the document stores. All the contracts. All the suppliers ... Read More

‘Weapon Of Choice’ Cyber Insights for 15th March from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Has the recent Wikileaks revelations started the process of digitally disrupting the defence industry? I can’t even count the number of movies I’ve watched where there is a ‘secret’ item that ... Read More

’A Brush With The Law’ Cyber Insights for 6th July from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
After a bit of deliberation and double checking that I had seen what I thought I had seen I called the Police the other night. I had witnessed a crime. ... Read More

‘The Core Issue’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Well done, you’ve done it. You have made security a priority in the product and services you provide. You have continuously reinforced to your customers that you will uphold and ... Read More

‘The End Is Nigh’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Even back in the 80’s when I was hammering out BASIC on my Sinclair Spectrum my Grandfather was bemused by the onslaught of computers and their potentially disrupting effects on ... Read More

‘The Long Game’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Many successful cyber criminals have one particular personal trait. Patience; and patience pays. Being brought up in a rural community in on the Worcestershire / Gloucestershire border, life had a less ... Read More

‘The Mousetrap’ Cyber Insights for 6th October from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
How do you go about building a better mousetrap? This question is often thrown out at a range of meetings, from school Design & Technology lessons, through to corporate strategy ... Read More

‘The Nut Behind The Wheel’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Mechanical failure, a tyre blowout, maybe some black ice or inclement weather - what causes cars to crash? They are many variables and each sad situation will be unique, but ... Read More

‘The Softer Side’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Is the risk of cyber a bit overblown? Is it a lot of computing types telling us that the world will cave in at a moments notice just to ensure ... Read More

‘The tipping point’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
In the world of technology there is not much of a post Christmas lull. No sooner have the gadgets that were given as gifts have had their shrink wrap removed ... Read More

‘Third Time (Un)Lucky’ Cyber Insights for 8th February from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
How many times will you suffer from a cyber attack before you actually take real action? The answer is probably three. “How many times have I got to tell you to ... Read More

‘This Time…It’s Personal’ Cyber Insights for 22nd June from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
After another challenging day at the office, you come home to find a letter from the school that your child attends. Concerned, as they normally email, you open it and ... Read More

‘Village People’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
I hate to point out the obvious, but you are not going to solve your cyber security issues on your own. I’m sure you’d like too, I know you’d like to ... Read More

‘What’s My Motivation?’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
What are you up to today? Anything nice? When the alarm went off at silly o'clock this morning did you jump out of bed, run 5 miles, eat a perfectly ... Read More

‘Who You Gonna Call?’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
So it’s happened. You really had hoped that it wouldn’t, but hope has let you down and you have run out of luck. A cyber breach has occurred, data has ... Read More

’Shake Up The World’ Cyber Insights for 13th July from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
In 1964 as the then Cassius Clay beat the fearsome Sonny Liston, his eyes became bright and his voice pushed out a message that was compelling. “I shook up the ... Read More

’The Interview’ Cyber Insights for 17th August from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
If you could sit down and have a face to face open conversation with a cyber criminal what do you think they would tell you?   How did it all start? I can’t ... Read More

‘Fighting Fatigue’ Cyber Insights for 26th October from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Are you tired of security procedures punctuating even the simplest of tasks? You are not alone.  Did you go for a run this morning or last night? How about managing to ... Read More

‘For Your Own Protection’ Cyber Insights for 18th January from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Who is your DPO? Come May 2018 and the introduction of GDPR you are going to need one. If you are a business owner, a board member, an HR professional or ... Read More

‘Headlines And Deadlines’ Cyber Insights for 11th January from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Cyber security challenges could benefit from an utterly immovable deadline. How are you with deadlines? Do you meet them head on each and every time, or do issues get in your ... Read More

‘I Know You Are Busy, But…’ Cyber Insights for 7th December from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
The Government has just passed legislation to store twelve months worth of your online activity.  Look I know you are busy, no doubt knee-deep in tinsel, wrapping paper, food preparation and ... Read More

‘Inside Job’ Cyber Insights for 1st February from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
You are more likely to be attacked from the inside by ‘one of your own’ than you are by a distant faceless cyber criminal.   In a far-off land, huddled behind a ... Read More

‘Lessons Learned’ Cyber Insights for 29th September from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
“Why don’t you ever learn!”, would be a familiar phrase to me as a child as I could never resist the temptation to touch wet paint just to see if ... Read More

‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
I didn’t mean to do it, I really wasn’t that interested, but the two professional looking types at the adjacent table to me in the coffee shop just couldn’t keep ... Read More

‘Lucky Break’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Are you suffering from ‘imposter syndrome’ when it comes to cyber security?  Would you like to know a secret? Would you like to know all about senior people in business who ... Read More

‘Numbers Game’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
"Cyber statistics are flooding out thick and fast, crossing my desk every day. Millions lost, hundreds of millions effected, billions being invested, hundreds of thousands of skilled workers needed, the ... Read More

‘Oldest Trick In The Book’ Cyber Insights for 2nd November from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Sometimes the old ones are still the best ones, even in cyber security. When you read that two of the high-ranking officials in the campaign of Hilary Clinton both suffered at ... Read More

‘One Step, Two Step…’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Irrespective of how hard you may personally resist it, evolution keeps on - well, evolving! Call it innovation, research and development or just the desire to make things better, evolution ... Read More

‘Perfect Timing’ Cyber Insights for 1st March from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Will we one day look back and be pleased that cyber security appeared when it did? Have you ever been told that “Everything happens for a reason”? I know I have, many ... Read More

‘Real Time’ Cyber Insights for 7th September from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
How would you react to seeing a major incident occur in real time right in front of your eyes?  During the summer of 1993 without any prior warning, I was an ... Read More

‘Regrets, I’ve Had A Few’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Many of the scientists, hardware engineers and software specialists that I have met are all hoping that their contributions to the wider progress of technology will make the world a ... Read More

‘Reply To All’ Cyber Insights for 18th November from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Accidents can happen, but we need to learn from them. Despite all the technological advancements of the last few centuries the scientists and engineers of this world have yet to crack ... Read More

‘Should We Stay Or Should We Go?’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
What effect would the UK leaving the European Union have on cyber security?  By the end of the year will the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland still be ... Read More

‘The Blame Game’ Cyber Insights for 14th September from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Cyber security is decimating businesses globally. Cyber crime is syphoning off billions of Pounds, Euros, Yen and Dollars from their respective economies. Hackers and cyber criminals seem to be impervious ... Read More

‘The Bounty Hunter Cometh’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
How many cars does Uber own in order to maintain its current value of over $60 billion? How many rooms does AirBnB own? The answer to both is zero. In ... Read More

‘The Butterfly Effect’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
If a butterfly flaps its wings then it causes a tornado to break out two continents away. That’s the butterfly effect, a rather sweet interpretation of chaos theory which states ... Read More

‘The Chain Gang’ Cyber Insights for 9th March from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Supply chain management within a business is a complex and highly skilled disciple. It’s a two-way street, companies provide products and services to their customers, but also provide information to ... Read More

“Public Convenience” this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Have you noticed how the cinema seems to be stuffed to the rafters with new superhero movies? Each and every character that has appeared in comics from the likes of ... Read More

‘An Affair To Remember’. This weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Are customer records from morally questionable companies a new weapon in cyber crime? The news agenda has now moved on. The story of the Ashley Madison hack has now been relegated ... Read More

‘Badge Of Honour’ Cyber Insights for 24th August from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Pick up any product and somewhere on its underbelly, you will find a range of what appears to be modern hieroglyphics. These are not strategically placed emoji giving off some ... Read More

‘Behind Closed Doors’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
In order to preserve your schools cyber reputation, be a bit more like Bilderberg. Lock yourselves away and have a chat under the Chatham House Rule. Back in early June there ... Read More

‘Below Stairs’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Few business people outside of IT departments have any knowledge of current information security threats. Time to have a chat with your IT suppliers. Last week one of the stalwarts of ... Read More

‘Blind Spot’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Working in the cyber industry is to work in an atmosphere of professional pessimism. As the medical industry puts more and more services online do they need a healthy dose of ... Read More

‘Building Blocks’ Cyber Insights for 25th January from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
It appears that all the building blocks are now in place to tackle the threat of cyber security. The IT industry is not one known for looking back in the misguided ... Read More

‘Change Ahead’ Cyber Insights for 14th December from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
The next twelve months will bring more change to cyber security, but it's always been that way with technology. It’s difficult not to reflect at this time of year, over the ... Read More

‘Cloud Cover’ Cyber Insights for 15th June from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
As somebody who is creative by nature, I have often been accused of having my head in the clouds. Was I ahead of my time? As you can’t avoid the ... Read More

‘Comparatively Speaking’ Cyber Insights for 29th March from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
How much are you willing to invest in securing your corporate data? Maybe that depends on how it’s being stored. Just for a moment suspend your understanding on how data storage ... Read More

‘Course Correction’ Cyber Insights for 22nd March from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
It’s time to change the course of your cyber security strategy and point it in the direction of GDPR Back in December 2016 the UK Government published a policy paper titled ... Read More

‘Cover Up’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
The advice that was prevalent last year, although valid, has been superseded as the harsh realisation of cyber risks finally permeates the boardrooms across the world. I don’t intentionally keep ... Read More

‘Crisis Talks’ Cyber Insights for 21st September from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
A mere six months ago you were a small ‘widget’ manufacturer based in the West Midlands. A family business, now in its third generation. The company had provided well for ... Read More

‘Critical Condition’ Cyber Insights for 31st August from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Can you feel it? We are just on the cusp of change. The summer is almost done, the children will soon return to school and the business world will crank ... Read More

‘Damage Limitation’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Celebrity culture has a striking similarity to cyber security, in that many wish to avoid it, ignore it and hope it will just go away however its natural tenacity somehow ... Read More

‘Do The Hustle’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Oh dear, don’t you just hate it? April 1st is almost upon us, so that gives individuals, businesses and the media carte blanche authority to do their best to trick ... Read More

‘Every Little Helps’ Cyber Insights for 9th November from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Now is a good time to review your basic cyber hygiene Another well known name got added to the ever expanding list of cybercrime victims recently. Tesco can now sit alongside ... Read More

‘Expert Opinion’ Cyber Insights for 12th October from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
What advice does a genuine expert give on cybersecurity?   When the political history books are written the comment by the former Justice Secretary, Michael Gove given during the Brexit campaign that ... Read More

‘Back Doors’ Cyber Insights for 22nd February from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Would you feel more or less safe if there was a 'back door' into your personal data? Imagine the situation, you are at home one day minding your own business and ... Read More

‘Back To Basics’ Cyber Insights for 8th March from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
A few basic cyber security measures for those of us who glaze over at the word ‘cyber’. Start talking ‘cyber’ with somebody who has a technical background and within about 5 ... Read More